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Love Marriage Specialist in Hamirpur Kangra Dharamshala

Love is a pure and blessed feeling that is above all the caste and social status barriers. When two individuals fall in true love it is insignificant to judge their caste, creed, economic and social position in the society. The presence of true love in a relationship should only be the deciding factor when considering marriage. But it is sad to admit that this thought is not realistic in today’s time. The idea of marriage beyond caste barriers is not accepted gracefully in our society. The partners who decide to marry the person of their liking in different caste or religion have to face a lot of difficulties from the family members of both the partners. To solve problems like these you then need the help of the best Love marriage specialist in Kangra, Dharamshala, Hamirpur.

During the ancient times, all the marriages were decided and based on the concepts of astrology. The Rishis studied the kundli of the prospective couple to judge the outcome of marriage between the individuals. Only when the planetary forces were aligned harmoniously, marriage was suggested between the partners. Since this methodology was scientifically based, marriages during those time lasted for lifetime and there was very few cases of broken marriages or divorce.

According to the Vedic astrology, inter caste marriages are not considered to be compatible. However in today’s modern times, caste restrictions are not followed strictly and many individuals are choosing inter caste marriages. If you decide to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend from other caste it is important to take professional help of Love marriage specialist in Dharamshala, Hamirpur, Kangra. The experts here are qualified to give the best astrological consultation to help the partners to make their marriage successful. When you seek the professional here you will be able to overcome the problems that might surface in your marriage in the coming future and love will never be lost from your relationship.

Our mentor Jyotish Acharya R.Krishan Ji is well versed with Vedic and Ancient astrology. He has also complemented his learning with the latest techniques and principles to offer the best possible solutions for any kind of marriage related problems. Jyotish Acharya R.Krishan Ji is even 9 times Gold medallist and his achievement speak volume about his work. He is the top Love marriage specialist in Hamirpur Kangra Dharamshala that you will ever find

It is known that the planets Jupiter and Venus govern the male and females forces in the astrological chart. The co-existence of these planets is extremely important to make any love marriage successful. However when considering inter caste marriage, the position of planets like rahu, ketu and Saturn is also very crucial. These planets denote the foreign element and need to be strategically placed to ensure positive effects on any marriage. The Love marriage specialist in Hamirpur,Kangra,Dharamshala is an accomplished astrologer who understands the positive and negative influence of these planets on the married life of the individuals. Being an expert marriage astrologist, will his help you will be better able to analyze the prospects of your marriage and bring happiness in your life.

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